About Our Store

The Soccer Post in Deptford, NJ is the largest soccer specialty store in New Jersey.  For more than 15 years, we have been satisfying the needs of the local soccer community.  Our customers look forward to our huge selection of soccer gear and expert help from our knowledgeable staff.  We take pride in our ability to service players of all different levels; from those who are new to the game to collegiate players, and everyone in between.  We provide an enormous selection of all things soccer at competitive prices.  More importantly, as a family owned and operated small business, our customer service is truly second to none.  Our expert staff set us apart from the competition.  So, contact us or visit our store to see why we are South Jersey’s premier one-stop soccer shop! 

About Our Staff

We do not hire sales folks and train them about soccer; we hire soccer players and train them about sales.  Our staff will answer the following questions with confidence.  Ask them at Dicks or Modell’s and they will look at you like you’re nuts!

This is my child’s first year of soccer; what do I need?

“What brand of cleats would you suggest for a wide foot?”

What size goalkeeper gloves do I need?

“How should shin guards fit?  Are they NOSCAE approved?”

“What are the pros and cons of kangaroo skin leather?”

What size ball does my child need this year?