If your son or daughter is playing soccer for the first time, there are a few things that you will need to know.

First, you will absolutely, positively need to buy your child cleats and shinguards. Don’t assume that regular old sneakers will get the job done. They won’t.  In fact, they will likely injure your child. Beginner cleats for a young child range in price from $10-$50, so it is not a huge investment.  They typically last 2 seasons. Children’s cleats at the Deptford Soccer Post are available in all sizes, starting at Kids’ 8 and up. Shinguards can be purchased for as little as $9.99 and are required by the referee for your child to enter the field to compete.  Shinguards are not optional! They start at sizes YXXXS – we definitely have what you need!

Second, the club your child is playing for will be providing a uniform of some sort. Depending on the club, it may be a t-shirt or it may be a jersey (fancy shirt).  About half of the soccer clubs in the area also provide black shorts and black socks to go with the jersey. If they don’t, you will need to purchase them yourself.  If they do, then a second set is optional, but we suggest purchasing a back-up set of black shorts/socks that can be used for practice. Plain black “checkerboard” shorts and plain basic black “Red Lion” sock will do. The Deptford Soccer Post sells the shorts you need with sizes starting at YXXS, as well as the youth socks you need for $6.99. Avoid the urge to match the shirt color; always buy black!

Lastly, your child will need a ball. Depending on the club, balls may be optional. In some rare instances, they are even provided by the club. Basic practice soccer balls at the Deptford Soccer Post typically cost $14.99.  Again, not a huge investment and something that will last for years, or until your child needs a larger ball.  Soccer balls vary in size (size 3,4, or 5), depending on the age of the player.  Find out what size ball your child needs here.  Other optional purchases for your new player include a soccer bag, water bottle, and Under Armour for the fall season.